Satisfying your needs, that's been our mission ever since

The historical roots of our company go back to the year 1956 when Flugzeug-Union Süd was founded. Acting as procurement organisation for spare parts for the military aviation, FUS lays the foundation for continued supply chain activities. A few years later our parent company Airbus (at that time EADS) assigns Flugzeug-Union Süd to supply production-, assembly- and vacuum process material to various plants. These civil and military aircraft production facilities are still being supplied by FUS until today.

We continuously optimize and diversify our material management services, in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our services grant seamless material supply processes, making material available in the production and maintenance facilities. Also our customers in the automotive-, wind-energy-, boat and other industries rely on our material supply solutions. Airbus Group with its numerous production facilities is and remains our most important customer.

Our mission

  • We ensure material availability.
  • We create relief to our customers.
  • We increase efficiency by optimizing and integrating the supply chain processes.
  • Our products and services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Our vision

  • Become the preferred supply chain provider for assembly- and vacuum process material to all Airbus plants in Europe.
  • Become the exclusive after sales partner of Airbus Defence & Space and military aviation.
  • Become the pioneer for digital material flow concepts.

Our corporate values

Our company's image is determined by our actions and the way each and every one of us represents himself or herself. Corporate values are the basis for all our actions. They substantiate the ethical background of our business activities and for a respectful cooperation with our colleagues, customers and partners.


We keep our promises and won’t promise things that can’t be realized. We can rely on one another so that our customers can rely on us. Our supply chain performance as well as our customers’ satisfaction confirm this attitude.


Your orders will always be processed most diligent and accurately and you, our customers, can be assured of highest product and service quality. Our quality management system guarantees that all deliveries correspond to our customers' requirements and to all legal and official guidelines. This creates secure and seamless processes for our customers operations.

Customer First

We are aiming to continuously improve the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. Therefor we encourage creative ideas of our team members, to develop customized services and to integrate new, digital technologies into our supply chain solutions. All of that increases efficiency and reliability in our customers' supply chains. That’s why we adopt new trends and market developments and adapt our service portfolio accordingly.


The respectful cooperation between colleagues, bosses and business partners is supported by our culture of open dialogue and by appreciating the performance as well as strengths and weaknesses. We communicate lively and acknowledge suggestions and criticism. We reflect our behaviour and performance to continuously improve our service level.

Social responsibility

We are responsible for our employees, customers and the environment. The well-being of our employees is supported by a culture of open conversation and management by objectives. For the physical well-being we offer sports, massages and subsidized lunches. Qualification of our employees is of greatest imortance to us. That's why we actively support apprenticeship and training. We are aware of our corporate social responsibility and consider it as our duty, to use natural resources in a sustainable and respectful manner in order to prevent exploitation and discrimination by fair trade.