We keep your fleet operational

Your fleet of aircrafts, submarines and other systems must be operational at any time? Then you need high quality spare parts and reliable repair services that are available at short term, under economic conditions. We support you in maintaining your equipment. Thereby the lifecycle of your valuable civil and military devices can be extended considerably.

Our team of experienced sourcing specialists will find the spare parts that you need and will make them available for you. Should spare parts no longer be available on the free market, we will develop an individual solution for you. Customers from all over the world use our plastic blast media „Dry Strip®“ for cleaning and decoating sensible surfaces such as those of aircrafts or helicopters.

How we can support your readiness

Spare parts & services

Knowing how and where from: we provide spare parts and repair services according to our customers' specification.

Dry Strip® plastic blast media

The most suited product for your application: gentle and efficient treatment of sensible surfaces.

We have been a reliable partner of military procurement offices, European armed forces and the aviation industry for many years. Also MRO facilities and engineering companies in the aircraft overhaul rely on our services that support maintaining their equipment and considerably reduce their sourcing efforts.