Launched in aerospace industry

It is our first priority to continuously improve the quality of our customers' material supply. To achieve this, we gradually digitalize our customers' supply chains. At various Airbus plants we have implemented automated goods issue systems and operate these successfully.

PFW Aerospace AG

In 2013 the test operation starts in direct line feeding. In 2015 the test mode passes to operational mode. In order to apply this supply solution to a larger range of parts, additional distribution modules are defined according to customer requirements and implemented in direct line feeding.

One Solution for various applications

Our solution can be applied in any sector, but traceability is of greatest importance in the medication sector and the aviation industry. Documentation of usage is a legal requirement in these sectors. We provide the requested information electronically, making your processes and products safe and stable.

The electronic goods issue system is also suited for managing articles of daily use, such as keys, tools and others. Allowing to manage access to high-value articles to authorized users, this solution is an efficient tool also for other industries, workshops and fleet-management.