Your route to success

As an innovative company we pursue trends and new technologies in material supply. To satisfy the demanding expectations of our customers we continuously improve our service quality and offer. Therefor we need young and motivated talents with a strong sense for our customers. Do you have ambitious targets? Are you enthusiastic about supply chain management in a technicial surrounding? If you do so, join our team. Create the future in supply chain management with Flugzeug-Union Süd.

Why you should join our team

Working at FUS means: a corporate culture like in a medium sized company with lean management structures, direct communication and short decision making channels. At the same time you will become part of Airbus Group. There are
10 good reasons for joining our team:

1. Flexibility and occupational safety

We are close to the market and our customers – that makes work exciting and inspiring. Group-wide career opportunities, personal development, excellent social and working conditions are the perfect base for your career in Airbus Group.

2. Lean management structures

Short decision paths allow for quick and targeted entrepreneuerial decisions.

3. Great challenges

Digitalization requires intelligent and efficient solutions, involving modern technologies. We apply digitalized supply chain solutions for our customers' material supply. Great challenges are waiting for you to develop supply chain solutions 4.0.

4. Cooperation and support

"The team is the star". Effective communication and a transversal exchange of knowledge and experience make the success of our company.

5. Consistency

Our company was founded in 1956. Since then we continuously develop our skills. As a forward-thinking company with long tradition we respond to changing customer requests and markets, however providing consistency to our customers and employees.

6. Social benefits

Numerous benefits such as flexible working hours, a large training offer, interesting career development opportunities, pension schemes, canteen, events, special rates for cars and many more will convince you to join.

7. Appreciation

Appreciation makes our employees feel valuable. A polite and respectful collaboration and communication create satisfaction and foster the performance of our staff.

8. Individual promotion and career paths

"You live and learn". Promoting the functional and personal competences of our staff is part of our company's philosophy. We identify capabilities and foster talents systematically in order to develop competences for our company.

9. Work-Life Balance

Every employee has the chance to realize his or her optimum work-life-balance by means of flexible working hours. We strive to promote the reconciliation of work and family life. Sport, leisure and wellness activities promoted by our company shall improve the well-being and the performance of our employees.

10. Diversity

Our teams are mixed, with regard to ages, gender and nationalities. We actively promote diversity, equal opportunities and an impartial working environment. People with different backgrounds and abilities work together effectively. Handicapped staff are fully integrated into our working process.

Apply now

Are you interested in versatile and challenging material management projects? A n interesting career perspective in a dynamic team will motive you? If yes, join Flugzeug-Union Süd and become part of the Airbus Group. In case none of our job offers matches your requirements, send us your unsolicited application.


currently no vacancies

Currently there is no vacancy in our team.

You are a student?

Your are studying supply chain management, aereospace technology, information technology or economics? We would highly appreciate if you demonstrate that your theoretical knowledge can be put into practice. Support our team in managing challenging projects. We assign you responsibility from the very beginning. A dedicated mentor will guide you throughout your mission.

As a working student (f/m) you can support our team up to two years of time. You can work in projects and challenging tasks that relate to your studies. In this way you will build the bridge between theory and practice. Your support will be appropriately compensated. To reconcile work and studies, we agree your working hours individually.

Would you like to cooperate with us for your Bachelor or Master thesis? Interesting tasks are awaiting you. Submit your proposed thesis here.