Effective protection for your goods

FUS' packaging solutions provide best protection for your products. As a result your material is in excellent condition and ready for use, whenever you need it. We develop tailored packaging solutions, matching your individual requirements and needs, aiming to be efficient and sustainable at the same time.

Whether during transport or storage: our packaging protects your valuables effectively from mechanic and climatic influences. We take into account the influences on your products and their value when developing your individual packaging. Due to our extensive experience in military packaging, this activity has become our core competence.

Packaging solutions for each and any purpose

Military packaging – we know how to do it

We apply the military standards (MIL, TL8100, VG) for packaging, transportation and dispatching of military goods. Our company is regularly audited by BAAINBW in order confirm that we comply with all standards.

Preservation – packaging solutions for long-term storage

To avoid corrosion, we conserve metallic goods for long-term storage. Both, desiccant method and VCI method (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) will counteract to the physical and chemical decomposition.

Packaging of hazardous goods

We pack hazardous material of all classes for road, rail, sea and air transportation (except class 6.2 and 7). Our qualified team compiles the adequate packaging for your hazardous goods to be dispatched in accordance with legal labelling obligations and required documentation.

Our services for your convenience

The dialogue between you and us helps us understanding your needs and finding the most favourable packing solution for your purpose. Your products will be packed either in your warehouse or in our packaging facility in Ottobrunn near Munich. To protect your goods in the best way, we use boxes and solid wooden containers as well as customer specific racks and frames. We also offer repackaging and small batch packaging in plastic bags and cuts. These help optimize our customers' processes.

When choosing packaging materials, we explicitly consider environmental impacts, reutilization and waste management. As environmental awareness is part of our corporate culture, we carefully use natural resources, aiming to minimize follow-up costs. That’s why all boxes are made of solid wood, corresponding to the specifications of the IPPC-standard (guideline ISPM No. 15).


The benefit of our services is more comprehensive than preserving your products. Also the operational processes in your company can be optimized – by accelerating manual work stages.

Airbus, various customers

To accelerate material availability and assembly processes in the aircraft production, screws and small parts are supplied as customized scope (4ea /set). Further positive impact is a reduced error rate in the assembly.

Airbus Defence & Space

Cockpits of the Tornado A/C were packed in a wooden boxes with racks for air transport to Afghanistan and for storage in German military bases. They were fixed by square lengths of wood and packed in airtight aluminium film to protect them from climatic influences.

Individual packaging units for screws for Tornado and Eurofighter A/C were created for interim storage and a demand-driven consumption in the German army depots.

Kraus Maffei Wegmann GmbH

For air transport to Singapore, motor blocks were fixed with steel ropes on a steel frame to avoid shifting and damage during transport. To protect the motor from climatic influences, it was shrink-wrapped airtight in aluminium film and packed in a wooden box. This made the immediate on-site storage possible.