Added value for your operations

Whatever your problem is, it will be a challenge for us to solve it. We listen and will find the appropriate solution for you. It is our objective to continually optimize your processes, to improve material availability and to make your products safer. We are happy to analyze your individual needs and develop tailored services aiming to improve your processes and performance.

Accelerate your material supply

Accelerate your processes by delegating your incoming goods inspection to our hands. In the name and on behalf of various customers we carry out incoming goods inspections. We verify that supplies are complete, in good condition and compliant with all certificates and documents. Also we carry out geometric sample-inspections. Rely on our accurate inspections and our competence acquired in the aviation industry to accelerate your supply process. You will save resources and have your material at your disposal for immediate use.

The right screw connection makes your products safe

The "optimal screw connection" guarantees highest quality: it makes your products safer, extends their lifecycle and reduces weight. This service is not only an added value for the aircraft industry. It increases safety in designing, assembling and maintaining in all companies whose assembly process requires mechanic screw connections.

In cooperation with our parent company Airbus Defence & Space we offer screw connection analysis in accordance with German and international specifications. We test at room temperature all essential parameters of the connection and issue a detailed test report that allows you to set the optimal preload force of your screw connection.

Our offer comprises

Standard evaluations according to DIN

We offer standard evaluations for:
DIN EN ISO 16047, DIN 65349, DIN 65946, DIN EN ISO 2320
for the verification of the compound as to LN65016, DIN 65016, ISO 5858 and other standards.
For mectric screw sizes as from M(J) 4 to approx. M(J)14 and inch screw sizes as from 5/32“ to 3/8“ (depending on the strength category of the connecting elements).

Customized evaluations

We analyze screw connecting elements according to your individual parameters such as tightening torque, thread momentum, headrest momentum, angle of rotation, torque speed, dwell time and other parameters. The results will be edited and presented in a table and/or diagram.

Please contact us in order to obtain your individual offer.

You want to avoid product obsolescence?

The longer the lifecylcle of a product, the more likely it is that parts become obsolete. In order to avoid negative effects, we support you proactively in avoiding obsolescence. We coordinate the entire process: starting with market research, communicating and synchronizing with the concerned parties and ending with the successful qualification of a substitute spare part.