Solutions tailored to your individual needs

We jointly develop solutions that are aimed to correspond exactly to your material supply requirements. The number and type of electronic goods issue systems depend on the articles to be made available and the local conditions in your production. All devices can be configured individually, i.e. the number of storage places and the allocation of bins can vary, depending on the size and nature of your articles.

There are different types of complementary devices: carousel-, locker and drawer systems. All of them can be connected and extended flexibly according to the number of your articles and their dimensions. Articles of all different sizes can be managed and made available 24/7 on the place of demand.


Main Device

On a footprint of only 1,5 sqm up to 2.160 articles can be made available for immediate use. Via touchscreen you choose the article you like to withdraw. After the locker has opened you can remove it from the bin.

Locker System

The locker system is particularly suited for making large sized items available by controlled, individual withdrawal. The sizes of the lockers can be adapted according to your individual requirements. It is managed by the main device. An external power supply can optionally be fitted in the lockers to keep electrical equipments ready for use.

Drawer Cabinet System

The drawer system is also managed by the main device. It provides many options to configure your drawers: the number, the width and the interior of the individual drawers can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Technical Information

The devices wil be integrated into your inventory management system. It is possible to connect them through configurable interfaces to all established ERP and CAx systems and to SAP. Our solution is state-of-the-art and truly space saving.

Characteristics Details
Number of compartments:: up to 2.160 storage places. The carousel can be configured individually.
Sizes: 1,20 m x 1,20 m x 2,00 m
Weight: approx. 260 kg
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz, no interruption in case of power outage due to USV module
Operating system: Windows 7 Professional
Database: SQL-Server
Maintenance: Hardware needs no maintenance
Emergency access: No separate maintenance access required – maintenance door in the front