Smooth and efficient supply chains supported by Logistics 4.0

Material management is a complex task that ties up substantial ressources. Ensuring material availability on the place of demand 24/7 requires accurate planning, reactive supply chains and high-performance logistics – or an automated supply process. To avoid shortfalls, your supply chain has to operate like a swiss watch. Wouldn't it be great, if all supply risks could be eliminated?

This shall no longer remain an imagination: we provide the solution to optimize your supply management, no matter the industry or size of your business. Digitalized supply chains will improve your material availability on the place of demand. On a footprint of only 1,5 sqm up to 2.160 articles can be made available for immediate use. The main device can be extended by complementary systems, according to your individual storage requirements.

The integrated inventory management system leads to automated processes and reduced inventories throughout your supply chain. Real-time information on stock levels and consumption allow supplying material according to your actual needs. Direct allocation to cost centers makes consumption transparent and reduces material expenses. All articles can be traced back to their source, this being a legal requirement in many sectors by today.

How we avoid material shortfalls

Digitalized supply chain solutions ensure that your material is available at any time at the place of your demand. Goods issue systems make available all the articles that you need for your operation in your production areas. Authorised staff has access to your material 24/7.

The goods issue devices will be integrated in your inventory management system to determine all inventory changes in real-time. Replenishment orders are released automatically when a pre-defined minimum stock level is achieved.

Orders are being electronically transferred to our supply chain team that ensures accurate and on-time delivery. Optionally we can replenish the inventories of your goods issue devices, to avoid any material shortages in your operation.

Your benefits at a glance

A fully automated supply process will improve efficiency in your operation. Your inventories can be reduced throughout the entire supply chain.

Material availability

Automated replenishment of inventories grants availability

Automated processes

No need for manual sourcing and supply operations

Reduced consumption

Reduced material consumption due to direct cost allocation and avoidance of manual errors

Reduced stock levels

Real-time information lead to consumption based replenishment of stocks and lower inventories

Cost transparency

Direct cost allocation to cost centers and projects reduces cost and errors


Every article can be traced back to its source