Depaint smooth and effectively

Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH sold with effect 01.01.2020 the production and distribution of FUS Dry Strip Media to EMSODUR AG, Via Innovativa 21, CH-7013 Domat/Ems, Switzerland.

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Seraina Merz
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The most suitable product for your surface treatment

We produce three types of duroplast blasting media, used for different kinds of surface treatments. Managing the entire production process, we can exert a direct influence on product quality and development. Only selected raw materials are used for production. Quality controls and filtering procedures are carried out systematically and on several levels.

Dry Strip® Type 2

This urea-based blasting media is designed for a very broad range of applications. It's used for sensitive and efficient cleaning and stripping off paint from all kinds of surfaces. This procedure replaces the chemical stripping and eliminates environmental threats.

Dry Strip® Type 3

This melamin-based blasting media is suited for less sensitive surfaces. Extremely hard granulate particles efficiently strip off even very resistant paints and coatings without causing abrasion of tools and equipments.

Dry Strip® type 5

This acryl-based blasting media is recommended for treating soft and thin metals and galvanic coatings. It guarantees an extremely soft and smooth treatment of your surfaces to maintain your substrate in excellent condition.



Aircrafts, aircraft-rims, brakes and landing gears,
helicopter rotors, engine component


Electronic components, plastic parts,
aluminium parts, metal parts


Engine parts, boat hulls,
moulds for plastic injection process

Your Benefits

Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH continues to improve product quality and capabilites in close cooperation with our customers in the aviation industry. Dry Strip® sets new standards in conserving substrates, optimizing removal rates and consumption and aiming to avoid dust.

Conserve your substrate

For modern aviation appliances we have reduced the metal content up to 50% further to the guidelines of the MIL-P-85891A specification and also down to 10% of the permitted limit – if desired.

Achieve best in class removal rates

We only use pure and high quality raw material from the European market, to ensure that particles have the appropriate shape and hardness to guarantee an optimum outcome.

Optimize your consumption

We precisely determine the distribution of particle sizes in order to multiply the number of cycles with constant removal rate.

Minimize dust

Dust can’t be totally avoided but it can be reduced significantly: by choosing the right composition for the granulate.