Digital supply chains 4.0 made by FUS

Material management is a complex task that requires considerable ressources. Ensuring material availability on the place of demand 24/7 means: accurate planning, reactive supply chains and high-performance logistics – or digitalized supply chain processes. To avoid supply shortfalls, your supply chain has to operate like a swiss watch. Wouldn't it be great, if all supply risks could be eliminated?

This is our solution: a digitalized supply chain, to ensure that your material is available when you need it. Access to material is given 24/7.


Our Supply Chain 4.0 solutions will take care of these tasks:

  • automated goods issue
  • low-stock warning and release of automated replenishment orders
  • electronic data exchange with your ERP-/SAP-system
  • allocation of your consumption to cost centers, orders and products
  • tracing of articles back to their source
  • inventory management 
  • access control
  • reports and documentation

There will be no more manual forecasting and ordering for your. Your inventory is managed electronically and your material will be available whenever you need it. This solution is applicable, no matter what type and size of material you need to manage. Your logistics expenses will reuduce and your cost and consumption will become transparent.

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