How to avoid product obsolescence

We make all parts available throughout the entire lifecycle of your weapon system.

A typical situation in FUS' (Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH) daily business: a customer is concerned. The spare parts he needs to keep his fleet operational are not available on the market anymore. The operational readiness of the fleet is at risk. He addresses himself to FUS as he knows that their team is experienced in sourcing military parts and components. Their unique global supplier network will help find the part needed to maintain the weapon system.

Our team can reassure the customer that they will find a solution for his problem. The customer is asked to provide the construction plans so that FUS can start searching the part that matches 100% with the customers' specification.

Market research starts immediately at FUS in order to find the best-in-class solution for the customer. There are several options to solve this problem. All of them are analysed in detail to find the solution that it most favourable in terms of technical and economical requirements and also in terms of delay.

1. Negotiate with the former manufacturer of the obsolete part to reestablish the production.
2. Find an alternative supplier that will develop an new product according to the customers' specification. This includes testing and qualification of the substitute.
3. Source from an alternative supplier ("form, fit and function", only in case of standard parts)

No matter what solution is most suitable: we strive to find the most economic solution that complies with all technical and quality standards of our customers. 

Sourcing of spare parts, especially hard to find items, is one of our core competencies. We have access to the build documents of all different aircraft systems. For many years we have been sourcing spare parts for aircrafts and helicopters on behalf of European airforces'. Lately we have been awarded the supply of spare parts for submarines by the Europen marines. Our supply services help maintaining the operational readiness of our customers' fleets.That's why we are a preferred partner of the European aviation and the armed forces.

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