Sustainable management is part of our corporate responsibility

In order to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers we have committed ourselves to deliver highest quality products and services and to manage our operations according to sustainable management objectives. We are certified EN9120 (including ISO 9001) and we maintain a quality management system to reassure our customers and public of our high level quality standards. In regular intervals we do customer satisfaction surveys, in order to further improve our service quality. We actively promote the high level standards and objectives or our corporate quality management system.

We have committed ourselves to carefully handle resources. Even before we were certified ISO 14001 in October 2014, we have set ourselves targets for protecting our environment. We constantly review if these were met and put in place corrective actions if necessery. Further we actively reduce consumption of packaging material and energy.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. they are highly educated, motivated and customer -focused. They make the success of our company. Therefor we foster their well-being and their health. Preventive health care offers are integral part of our company's philosphy to prevent injuries and diseases and to improve the well-being of our employees by offering sports and wellness treatments. Today Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH is a successful supply chain provider, located in Ottobrunn near Munich with a staff of roughly of 60 employees. We maintain relations to a global network of suppliers and customers.

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