Efficient and reliable supply chains

Imagine the consequences if only one out of three million parts is not available? We do our utmost to avoid this: by making production material available for you in the specified quality and quantity – at the right time and the right place. Our comprehensive supply solutions improve your material availability and relieve you of time-consuming operational duties.

We purchase the material you need for your production, keep a safety stock in our warehouse and deliver it on time. As a result you can reduce your inventory and the number of your suppliers: we pool the flow of materials and deliver everything out of one source to you. A seamless material supply and reduced sourcing efforts will increase efficiency of your operation.

Material supply solutions matching your individual needs

Production and assembly material will be made available in your production areas. Your employees have immediate access to their material, this avoiding long walking distances. The goods issue can be either analogue or digital: we will find the most favourable solution, considering your processes and circumstances. No matter what service you decide for: availability and accessability of your material will be optimised.

Analogue Supply Chains

Your material is provided in twin bin-racks. Single and double-chute compartments are installed close to your employees’ workplace. Production material is withdrawn manually. Consumption is analyzed in-house and data being transferred to our purchasing management. We replenish your bins according to your schedule and actual consumption.

Digitalized Supply Chains

Goods issue systems are installed in your production areas and integrated into your material management system. Authorised users have access to material at any time. Realtime information about consumption and inventories is available via electronic data transmission. This allows automated inventory management and replenishment. Parts can be traced back to their source. Loss and erroneus removals can be avoided by secured individual removal.

Our services for you

Our comprehensive service offer is aiming to make your material supply more reliable and more efficient. You decide whether you entrust us to manage individual supply tasks or your entire supply chain: starting with purchasing from the supplier and finishing with providing your material on-site. If all phases of the supply process are perfectly integrated, your supply chain will be smooth.

Strategic purchasing

We negotiate contracts with the suppliers and ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled properly. To continuously improve the quality of your services, we carry out performance reviews of all strategic suppliers in regular intervals.

Operational purchasing

To ensure availability of material at your production plant, we actively support a continous exchange of information between all partners in the supply chain. Our demand planning is supported by SAP-IT: this allows to coordinate your material supply precisely and in accordance with your demand. Only very little inventories are needed to ensure just-in-time deliveries.

Quality management

Material is being supplied in strictest adherence to customer specification, in due consideration of the „Approved Supplier List“, the „Qualified Parts List“ and other requirements. Our quality management (based on EN9120, ISO 9001) contains a strict inspection of incoming goods (acc. to FUS-standard and customer's requirements), the verification of documents, claim and shelf life management. No matter what supply solution you choose: we regularly analyse key performance indicators in order to improve our supply services and to increase the performance of your operation.

Logistics & other services

All materials we supply to your production are stored in pure batches in our warehouse and removed according to FIFO principle. Orders are being packed and the required labels and documents are issued. Shipping documents and quality documents being electronically archived, can be provided digitally to you upon request. We carry out customs clearance for goods that come from abroad or need to be exported.

Your benefits at a glance

Integrated supply services improve your material availabilty, increase efficiency and make processes in your production more stable. You can rely on us and concentrate on your core business.

Short lead times

We keep inventories of all fast moving parts to supply your production according to your needs.

Seamless production

We make the right material available at the right time in the right place so that your production runs smoothly.

Perfect product quality

Most accurate quality inspection and sustainable quality management prevent claims.

Reduced complexity

We coordinate and pool your suppliers and the flow of your material.


You can rely on us and concentrate on your core business.

Reduced inventory

Predictive scheduling and our safety stock lead to a reduced inventory and capital lockup.