Prepared to satisfy most demanding needs

Our quality management system is based on the high standards and requirements of the aerospace industry. We make sure that the products we deliver will at all times comply with the demanding needs of our customers. Stable and smooth processes in our customers’ operation can only be achieved by constantly supplying high quality products. For sure our customers in other sectors also benefit of our high quality standards, originated from the aerospace sector.

Accurate in every detail

In order to maximise our customers’ satisfaction, we have implemented a most accurate quality system. We carry out quality assurance and quality inspection to make our customers’ supply chains stable and reliable.

Quality inspection

Incoming goods are inspected according to international norms, our customers’ or program quality standards. This service includes the verification of the goods identity and correspondence. We verify if the product complies to technical standards and to shipment documents. Further we verify that there is no damage. Where necessary, we carry out dimensional tests, against the standard or customer specification.

Besides the conventional measurement techniques, we also apply optical measurement – notably for rotationally symmetric parts and components. This allows optical measurement accurately to 0,1 µm. Our technical equipment is state-of-the-art. This grants most precise measurements. Various customers have delegated incoming goods inspections to our team. As a result, the inspection process can be accelerated and our customers can make use of their certified material even quicker.

Quality assurance

A consistent complaint management, most precise measuring tools and a sustainable supplier qualification process are the cornerstones of our quality management. These ensure that we can provide high product- and service quality to our customers at all times.

Our measuring tools are frequently calibrated according to ISO17025, to ensure a most precise measuring. Any deviations from the specification or norm are registered. As a result our customers will receive only goods that comply with their specification and quality standards.

Your certified partner

Internal and external audits are carried out to verify and approve our compliance with quality standards and with legal and official requirements. Our quality certificates emphasize our competence. All documents proving evidence of product quality and traceability of our goods are being archived according to EN9130 and customers requirements.

EN 9120 - including ISO 9001 - IAQG listed (OASIS)

We assume responsibility

Our employees are our most valuable asset. The team makes the success of our company. Their well-being and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Physical and mental health and the safety of our employees at their workplace is integral part of our corporate philosophy.

We consider it as our duty to handle resources such as energy, paper and others with care and respect and avoid waste and surplus usage. We have committed ourselves to adhere to all legal requirements and to continuously improve occupational health-, safety- and environmental (HSE) protection. In order to demonstrate our social and corporate responsability, we have created HSE-guidelines that are integral part of our corporate culture.


  • We are committed to consider and fulfill at any time all binding obligations, e.g. statutory and regulatory requirements, the fulfilment of regulations of statutory accident insurance and prevention as well as customer requirements and these of our environment.
  • We exceed the mere fulfilment of statutory requirements and are committed to continually improve our performance in the field of work occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • We participate in the health management of the Airbus Corporation to promote staff health care.
  • We promote and maintain the high level in health care and well-being of our staff.
  • We create work systems (workstations and processes) and services compliant to occupational health and safety, ergonomics and environmental protection requirements
  • We perform and analyze risk assessments on a systematic basis and deploy measurements to create work conditions that prevent injuries and illnesses.
  • We involve our staff in the organization of their work stations.
  • We inform our staff and the public regarding FUS occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • We aim to minimize the ecological footprint induced by the FUS business activities.
  • We take care for sustainable use of resources regarding infrastructure as well as the use of work Equipment.