Ensuring the operational readiness is first priority to anyone managing a fleet. If only one out of three million spare parts is not available, your device’s operational readiness is not guaranteed. We make sure this will not happen to you. We source and supply spare parts according to your technical specifications, as quick as possible and under economic conditions – ensuring availability for the whole product life cycle of your fleet.

In case a part is no longer available, we jointly develop a solution and support you to the qualification of the substitute product. That mostly avoids or prevents a part becoming obsolete. We also find individual repair solutions to keep your equipment in good condition and to ensure operational readiness of the flying and ground-launched systems. Valuable systems require high-quality repair solutions.

We find a solution to any of your problems

We supply any spare part that you need: standard parts, type-specific drawing parts and „hard-to-find items“. Our worldwide network of suppliers provides spare parts matching your technical and quality requirements.

Electronic components

Connectors, plugs, relays, wiring, cables, contact pins, throttle valves, tubes and others


Screws, nuts, rivets, discs, bushes, bolts, repair parts

Norm-, standard- and drawing parts

Filters, valves, bearings, sheets and others


Oils, greases, lubricants, colours, diluents, adhesives

How we can support you

We know where to find the spare parts that you need. This saves you resources and extensive market research. Our experience and access to construction documents via Airbus ensure that we identify the required parts for you.

Operational Purchasing

We negotiate competitive prices and delivery times with the suppliers and manage the orders. The incoming goods inspection is carried out in accordance with aviation guidelines in our warehouse.

Strategic Purchasing & Supplier Management

When choosing supply sources we respect the guidelines of the“ Approved Supplier List“ and the „Qualified Parts List“ and make sure that the suppliers strictly adhere to our customers’ specifications. We enter into contractual relations with suppliers, manage the supply operations and carry out performance reviews of all strategic suppliers in regular intervals.

Logistics, packaging & customs clearance

Quality inspections are carried out according to aviation guidelines. The packaging of your spare parts is carried out in accordance to the standards for packaging of military goods. The required labels and documents will be issued. Shipping documents and quality documents are archived electronically and are digitally available on demand. Customs clearince can be done in-house.

Obsolescence management & qualifications

If a spare part is no longer available on the market, we support you in finding the most adequate solution, considering down-time, technical and economic aspects. There are different ways to solve your problem:

  1. Negotiate with the former manufacturer, about renewing or resuming the production.
  2. Find an alternative supplier who develops and tests a new part, according to your requirements. In liaison with FUS and the customer the qualification will be done by the supplier.
  3. Find an alternative supplier and support (form, fit and function – only possible in case of standard parts) the (re)-qualification and contract negotiations.
Finding repair solutions for your parts

In order to minimise the down-time of your defective device, we find a suitable and economic repair solution for you with one of our partners.

Your added value at a glance

You can concentrate on your operations, as we make your spare parts available: in the most efficient and safe way.

Operational readiness

Availability of spare parts allows immediate repairs and reduces „down times“.

Extended life cycle

The operational use of your systems can be extended with high-quality parts and services.

Cost control

Efficient repair solutions allow an economic operation of your high-quality systems.


We know where to find the right spare part for you. You don't need to spend time searching.