Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH (FUS) was founded in 1956. It has always been FUS’ top priority to secure the availability of material, escpecially for our parent company Airbus and for the airforces. We pursue future trends and technologies to make the supply of material more efficient and to offer high value service and perfect product quality.

The 1950s

Foundation of MTT-FUS: franchise production and spare parts sourcing

On August 1st, 1956 FLUGZEUG-UNION-SÜD GmbH (formerly MTT-FUS) is founded by Messerschmitt AG and Heinkel Flugzeugbau GmbH. MTT-FUS coordinates the final assembly of Fouga Magister, which is built under licence. FUS is the link between aircraft industry and German Air Force: as sourcing partner for spare parts, but also by providing technical in-house support and  document management for the license production of different airplane types e.g. Lockheed Model F-104, NATO Starfighter Program. The newly founded enterprise with 12 employees is located in Munich. It is engineering partner and consultant of the airforces.

The 1960s

Flugzeug-Union-Süd becomes MBB-subsidiary and partner of the European airforces for sourcing and supply of spare parts

Due to the merger of MTT-FUS, Entwicklungsring Süd and Junkers-Flugzeug-Motorenwerke, a new company is born in 1967 in Ottobrunn: Flugzeug-Union-Süd GmbH – a 100 % subsidiary of MBB. FUS is responsible for spare parts sourcing and supply to the German Air Force.

The 1970s

FUS develops its core competencies in material sourcing and supply for European airforces, light and traditional aircrafts

FUS aqcuires an operation specialized on military packaging and preservation located in Dachau. This know-how is needed for packaging of spare parts in accordance with military regulations. Soon a sales office and a warehouse are established in Paris for the material supply to Fouga Magister production and maintenance. In 1978 FUS signs responsible for the MBB spare parts supply for a fleet of 300 light aircrafts. Further FUS is in charge of maintenance of the Messerschmitt traditional aircrafts.

The 1980s

Diversification: FUS becomes supply partner of the composite industry and producer of plastic blasting media

In the years 1981-1991, FUS supplies rivet machines to European aircraft manufacturers, produced by the American manufacturer GEMCOR. In 1984, FUS becomes distributor for the American company RICHMOND and supplies since then bonding and abhesive materials to the composite industry.

Having acquired a licence to produce plastic blast media, FUS starts developping its own blasting media labelled „Dry Strip“. This is sold all over the world. For this purpose FDST in Metelen is founded in 1987. FUS becomes shareholder in the American blasting media company US-Technology Corporation in 1988 to strenghten its position in this market. From 1989 FUS cooperates with Porsche to modify engines for light aircrafts type SIAT 223 FLAMINGO and Cessna 172. This program is stopped some years later.

The 1990s

The material supply to aircraft serial production becomes new core competence besides spare parts management

In 1991, FUS moves to larger premises in Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 26, in Ottobrunn near Munich. The recycling of military aircraft parts that FUS carried out exclusively for military aircraft production requires a warehouse. This is raised in 1994 and run until 2005 at the Bundeswehr airport Manching.

FUS recognizes the need of integrated supply chain solutions within the parent company EADS. Since 1995 FUS provides procurement and supply services for standard parts to the military and civil aircraft industry. This service is gradually enlarged to various production sites: starting with the supply of standard parts to the assembly lines of the Augsburg plant, following in 1997 the supply to EADS plants Donauwörth and Manching. In 1996 EADS (Military Aircraft Division) engages FUS to procure standard parts for the TORNARDO A/C for EADS’ military customers.

The 2000s-2010s

New customers for integrated supply chain services in aircraft industry and maintenance. FUS becomes authorized economic partner.

Since 2003, FUS supplies standard parts for repair and maintenance of the EUROFIGHTER fleet of military customers. In 2004 direct line feeding services are reinforced: production and assembly material is delivered just-in-time to the Laupheim assembly lines (EADS plant).

In 2008, ACMA (Air Carrier Management Agency) assigns FUS to procure spare parts for the EUROFIGHTER exterior engine load devices MFRL and TEU. This service is provided until today. IT-based export customs handling is introduced in 2009.

2010s until today

FUS digitalizes supply chain services in direct line feeding

In order to improve the quality of the material supply, digitalized supply chain solutions are developed and applied in Airbus production facilities. In 2013, the test phase starts at PFW Aerospace GmbH. The test mode passes to operational mode in 2015. The test mode at the Premium Aerotec plant in Augsburg follows in 2016.

In the years 2012-2015 FUS supplies standard parts to different subsidiaries of Airbus Helicopters in the U.S. End of 2014 FUS moves into larger premises in Ottobrunn to consolidate all divisions. The new company site is located Christa-McAuliffe-Str. 1 and consists of approx. 8.000 sqm office and warehouse space.