Dear customers and partners,

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the past years! With effect from 17. 06.2020 we have transferred the business for vacuum process materials into the competent hands of COMPOSYST GmbH.

COMPOSYST GmbH offers qualified technical Support in addition to the usual logistic Services. Therefore, we are sure that we have found a reliable new partner for you in the COMPOSYST GmbH which is oriented towards the future.

Sincerely yours Flugzeug-Union-Süd
Ralf Schlüter, Stefan Utecht, U. Tiltmann
Marianne Quitterer, Roland Breier

We, the COMPOSYST GmbH, are looking forward to a good cooperation!
Your future contacts will be:
Stefanie Sander und Simone Mehrl
sales@composyst. com

Manifold applications require a diversified product offer

Ensuring material availability at our customers' composite production is the challenge we take every day. Our comprehensive portfolio of high quality vacuum process material is permanently available in our warehouse in Ottobrunn near Munich: in order to meet the needs of our customers for a demand-driven supply in the most flexible and appropriate way. Even those materials with long leadtimes can be supplied at short term.

Our product offer includes all materials that are needed to create the perfect vacuum lay-up for your composite production. Obtaining all your process materials out of one source guarantees an excellent vacuum lay-up and reduces your sourcing efforts significantly. No matter what is your application: we provide the appropriate process material to you – sourced from renowned international suppliers in the world.

The appropriate composition - that's what it is all about

The appropriate composition of materials is essential for producing a high performance vacuum lay-up and high quality composite components. Our team looks forward to analyzing your individual needs and providing you with professional advice: aiming to select the most suited materials needed for your specific application.

The most suited product for your application

Our products are applied in the processing of resin pre-impregnated fabric during the vacuum process. In order to obtain high-quality composite products, process temperatures, prepreg and other criteria have to be considered in the production process.

Vacuum bagging films

Suitable for all resin matrices. Extreme high-stretch material, suitable for a large range of temperatures.

Release films

Perforated and non-perforated. Suitable for low to high ranges of temperatures.

Peel plies

Silicone-free or impregnated fabric made of nylon and polyester. Suitable for low to extremely high temperatures.

Flow media

Resin spreading medium made of nylon and polyester. Suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

Adhesive tapes

Made of nylon, polyester and polyamide. Available in a many different widths. Suited for a large range of temperatures.

Sealing tapes

Reliable sealing. Residue-free removal. For a large range of temperatures.

High elongation non-woven breather fabric

Light, medium and heavy nylon or polyester fabric. Strong air removal during normal vacuum bagging process.


Our customers’ needs vary significantly, but they have one thing in common: all of them expect comprehensive advice for application, high-quality material and supply solutions tailored to their individual needs.


Being a supplier to the aviation industry for years, especially for our parent company Airbus, we understand the requirements of this high-performance industry as well as our customers' individual needs. Many of our products are qualified in accordance with Airbus' standards and Approved Supplier Lists.

Wind Energy

Our products are particularly suitable for an economic production of structural components in low temperature laminating processes. A great variety of vacuum films is available and applicable: punched hole films and spread netting; in different sizes for different resin systems – specifically for extremely big parts.

Automotive Industry

High throughput of complex parts requires a high degree of reliability in production. We provide reliable and economic solutions and a product offer for medium to high temperature ranges in the vacuum process. 

Boat Industry

We offer a wide selection of process material for medium to low temperature ranges, needed for producing big-sized parts in the resin infusion or prepreg process. This allows to produce large and complex parts efficiently and economically.  

Glass Industry

Our products are used for manufacturing laminated glass or industry glass bonding. Ideal processing results can be achieved in stove or autoclave processing. The result: even and lintfree surfaces.

Our services at your convenience

Our comprehensive service offer is aiming to make your material supply more reliable and more efficient. You decide wether you entrust us to manage individual supply tasks or your entire supply chain: starting with purchasing from the supplier and finishing with providing your material on-site. If all phases of the supply process are perfectly integrated, your supply chain will be smooth.

Strategic purchasing

We request quotations from our suppliers, negotiate contracts  and ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled properly by the suppliers. To continuously improve the quality of our services, we carry out performance reviews of all strategic suppliers in regular intervals.

Operational purchasing

To ensure availability of material at your production plant, we actively support a continous exchange of information between all partners in the supply chain. Our warehouse allows to balance bound capital and supply risks and to manage inventories efficiently. As a result, satefy stocks can be reduced throughout the entire supply chain.

Logistics & other services

All materials that we source on your behalf are stored in pure batches in our warehouse in Ottobrunn and removed according to FIFO principle. Orders are being packed and the required labels and documents are issued. Shipping documents and quality documents being electronically archived, can be provided digitally to you upon request. We carry out customs clearance for goods that come from abroad or need to be exported.

Our complementary services offer includes consignment warehousing at our or at your premises and customized delivery scopes: i.e. pre-assembled articles and customized kittings. These will optimize your operational processes and increase efficiency.